Price List

As of 3/22/19 we will be instituting a $10 examination fee for vaccinations per visit not per pet.

 * Not applicable to appointments made prior to 3/22/19.

We are proud to offer 3-year Rabies, FVRCP and DA2PPV vaccines. 

Important Information

  • All surgery fees include basic examination, pain medication and complimentary nail trim.
  • Dog neuter surgery fees include above plus E-collar as use greatly decreases likelihood of complications and infection.
  • Cryptorchid surgery fees include above plus antibiotics.
  • If dental extractions are needed, additional costs may apply.  Consult with veterinarian to obtain fee quote.


Cat Spay

Dog Spay (2 to 10 lbs)

Dog Spay (11 to 30 lbs)

Dog Spay (31 to 60 lbs)

Dog Spay (61 to 90 lbs)

Dog Spay (91 to 100 lbs)

Dog Spay (101+ lbs)

Removal of the uterus and ovaries to prevent cancer, prevent pregnancy and reduce overpopulation

Additional Spay Services

Call for pricing regarding:

– Pregnancy

– Umbilical Hernia Repair


Cat Neuter

Dog Neuter (0 to 10 lbs)

Dog Neuter (11 to 30 lbs)

Dog Neuter (31 to 60 lbs)

Dog Neuter (61 to 90 lbs)

Dog Neuter (91 to 100 lbs)

Dog Neuter (101 to 120 lbs)

Dog Neuter (121 to 150 lbs)

Additional Neuter Services

Call for pricing regarding:

– Cryptorchid

– Umbilical Hernia repair

Dental Cleaning/Surgery

Cat Dental Cleaning
(does not include stomatitis cases – please see a full service vet that has dental radiographs)

Dog Dental Cleaning (0 to 25 lbs)

Dog Dental Cleaning (26 to 50 lbs)

Dog Dental Cleaning (51 to 100 lbs)

Dog Dental Cleaning (101+ lbs)

No complex extractions due to size

Other Services/Surgeries

Wellness Examination

Nail Trim

911 Petchip Microchip Insertion and Registration

Ear Mite Treatment (both ears)

Ear Cleaning

Cat Vaccination & Testing

Rabies (3-year after initial series)

FVRCP (3-year after initial series)

FELV (2-year after initial series)

FELV/FIV/HW Testing Combo

Dog Vaccinations & Testing

Rabies (3-year after initial series)

DA2PV(3-year after initial series)

Bordetella (1-year)

Heartworm/Tick Disease Testing Combo

Other Laboratory Services

Pre-Surgery Blood Panel
(great for any pet undergoing anesthesia especially for pets over 5 years but not required)