• We are a high volume, low cost preventive care clinic specializing in keeping healthy pets healthy (vaccinations, dental cleanings, spays, neuters, Heartworm and FeLV/FIV testing., etc). We do not have X-ray or ultrasound equipment. If your pet is sick or injured we highly recommend taking your pet to a full service clinic.
  • Appointments are by appointment only at ten-minute intervals 7AM to 10AM, Monday through Friday. Surgery/Dental Cleaning appointments are scheduled between 7AM and 8AM. Vaccination and other non-surgical appointments are scheduled between 8AM and 10AM. Surgery and Dental Cleanings are conducted between 10:30AM and 2PM. Patient pick up is typically between 4PM and 6PM. Dr. Katz makes calls to clients from home in the afternoons. We are a single veterinarian practice and currently do not see patients for appointments on afternoons or weekends.
  • Please provide any additional information you believe would be helpful, such as preferred appointment times (within our parameters), or specific information pertaining to your pet's health history or personality.